🐒 Spyscraper

You enter the mirror building and see a magenta and lime green sign that says "Welcome to the Spyscraper, patent pending". There are 3 elevators, but they're all broken. You will have to go up the 60 flights of stairs instead. At the top is an office and a desk. At the desk is a giant anthropomorphic bratwurst.

"Nice to M E A T you!" says the Wurst. He spells it out for you so you get the joke. He still asks you if you get it.

What do you say?

"Yes..." →

"No..." →

Kyle Bob's Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Table of Contents
These sections have little to no continuity and can be played in any order.

Livin' Room

Village City
ABCDEFG Movie Theater
Avenue of Broken Hopes
"BAR" Bar
"BAR" Bar Open Mic Stage
Billy Bob Boulevard
Food Street
Fortune Tent Place
Helga's Sandwiches
Kevin's Spaghetti
Office of Dr. Potatos
Ouch Avenue
Quadruple Shot Espresso
Ralph Street
Stubby Boo Boo Hospital
Toy Train Timeshare
Unnamed Alley
Whisky Rum Stadium

Peninsula Islands
Birch Beach
Hickory Docks
Ocean-Gulf Bay
Plane of Receding Airlines
Questiony Bridge
Spamazon Rainforest
Super Happy Fun Land

Blundering Underground
Bat Cavern
Hokey Pokey Karaoke
M c D a r k n e s s

Spacetime, Etc.
Cremation Station
Dinosaur Times!
Quizzical Castle
Religious Building
Silly Southeast
Tim's Taxidermy
Unkind Colosseum

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