Kyle Bob's Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Location: Cave Entrance

You go to the entrance of a cave that happened to be nearby to find some person in a purple robe standing there.

"The mind and body are one, only different perspectives. Muscle memories are powerful. Your arm has dreams! Your leg has opinions! Think about it!"

Think about it →

Keep walking →

Table of Contents

These sections are listed alphabetically and can be played in any order.

Apology 13 Space Shuttle
"BAR" Bar
Cave That Isn't Named Yet
Dinosaur Times!
D a r k w a v e
Farmer's Market?
Fortune Tent Place
Frisby Gulf
Hickory Docks
Mascara Desert
Moon World
Mt. Dude
Office of Dr. Potatos
Plane of Receding Airlines
Quadruple Shot Espresso
Ralph Street
Silly Southeast

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