🍀 Some Limericks I Wrote

I wrote these only to see if I could. Also I want to make them into a song at some point.

In the world's longest game of tic tac toe
He couldn't decide where to put the O
He didn't want to lose
So he kept up the ruse
That started sixty-seven years ago

A terrible happy meal toy
Brings sadness to each girl and boy
Pinocchio pencil
A worthless utensil
I'm sick of this corporate ploy


There was a man who could get snappy
Since inside he felt rather crappy
He inhaled a balloon
With the words "Get Well Soon"
His chipmunk voice made people happy


A cowboy walked into a bar
And with him he brought a guitar
He played a nice ballad
And got a free salad
He felt like a big superstar


It's so disappointingly grand
Everything's every color
And it can't get much duller
It's so fascinatingly bland

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