Flash Games

Remember those old Flash games you used to play at your school library when you were supposed to be writing that math essay? Well, here are some of them, now re-available with the help of Ruffle (the program, not the chip).

Games Developed by Sugar Toast

Crush 2
Easiest Game Ever
Fork It
Lawnmower Madness Rock
Lawnmower Madness Grandma
Loading Bar Simulator
Sloth Adventure
Stupid Quiz

Other Cool Games from 2010ish

10 Second Unicorn
Bubble Shooter
Cursor Thief
Dice Wars
Easy Joe
Fat Slice
Impossible Quest
Jelly Blocks
Lemon Smash
Lemonade Stand
Pointless Platformer
Rainbow Breakout
Screamin' Beans
Screwed Up Ronald Game
Take Me to the Disco
Walls are Not Cheese

Games That Aren't Games

Circle Split
Don't Click Stick
Mutilate A Doll 2
Pocket Emo
Red Button