Kyle Bob's Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Location: Office of Dr. Potatos

After a 10 minute rant about politics, Dr. Potatos begins another tangent, "I don't really know why I became a therapist. I'm not supposed to give out medication but there's a loophole where if you fill the pill capsules with 90% cinnamon it doesn't go against city regulations. As soon as they block that we'll have to switch to basil, which sucks, but what can you do? These government folks, I'll tell ya. You'd think they could at least fix that pothole right in front of our building. They could just fill it with sand or something, I don't care. We really need a better system for this kind of stuff. Have you ever tried going to one of those government meetings? Talk about a real snooze fest. It's just an hour of listening to some old guy talk about nothing. Who has time for that? Not me, I have work to do."

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Table of Contents
Cave That Isn't Named Yet
Farmer's Market
Fortune Tent Place
Frisby Gulf
Hickory Docks
Mt. Dude
Office of Dr. Potatos
Plane of Receding Airlines
Quadruple Shot Espresso

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