Kyle Bob's Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Location: Ralph Street

You pass by an old man who seems to be doing some slam poetry.

"Pocket change? It's got to be sprocket change! A reliance on science to make an appliance!" he slams.

A moment later you walk by the retirement home and see a sleazy salesman in a modified ice cream truck with a pond full of ducks in the back.

This guy is trying to manipulate old people into buying his overpriced bread to feed their feathered friends.

Warn the elders →

Do nothing →

Table of Contents

These sections are listed alphabetically and can be played in any order.

"BAR" Bar
Cave That Isn't Named Yet
Dinosaur Times!
D a r k w a v e
Farmer's Market?
Fortune Tent Place
Frisby Gulf
Hickory Docks
Mt. Dude
Office of Dr. Potatos
Plane of Receding Airlines
Quadruple Shot Espresso
Ralph Street
Silly Southeast

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