Kyle Bob's Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Location: Quadruple Shot Espresso

You think you see somebody you know walking out, so you start to wave to them, then you realize it's someone else, so you move your hand back at a weird angle and poke yourself in the eye, causing one of your contacts to fall out. You get down on your knees to search for the missing lens, then a child trips on your leg. They spill their milkshake on themselves and break into tears. Both the parents apologize to you and blame the child. You feel weird about it.

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Table of Contents

These sections are listed alphabetically and can be played in any order.

"BAR" Bar
Cave That Isn't Named Yet
Dinosaur Times!
D a r k w a v e
Farmer's Market?
Fortune Tent Place
Frisby Gulf
Hickory Docks
Mt. Dude
Office of Dr. Potatos
Plane of Receding Airlines
Quadruple Shot Espresso
Ralph Street
Silly Southeast

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